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Edmonton Real Estate Investor BLOG - Alberta News and Hot New Deals

Current Issue - From 5/1/2008 the newsletter is biweekly the pdfs are available here but the links are NOT active please contact us if you are interested in any link. We will gladly send it to you.

Sayonara, Mr. Stelmach 2/1/2011PDF Icon

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New Year, New Targets 1/15/2011 PDF Icon
Giving the Gift of Shut Up 12/15/2010 PDF Icon
Financially Frostbitten - Warm Up Today! 12/1/2010 PDF Icon
Ideas To Build On 11/15/2010 Glenn
Simon Inc
How to WIN This Winter 11/1/2010 Glenn
Simon Inc
European Perspective 10/15/2010 Glenn
Simon Inc
Being____ Takes a Little Time 10/1/2010 Glenn
Simon Inc
Top 10 Things I learned about Edmonton 9/15/2010 Glenn
Simon Inc
3 Days of Head Stretching 9/1/2010 Glenn
Simon Inc
In Case You Missed This 8/15/2010 Glenn
Simon Inc

Duped or The Real Scoop 8/1/2010 PDF Icon
Summer Sizzle 7/15/2010 PDF Icon
Happy Canada Day EH! 7/1/2010 PDF Icon
The World's Greatest Oil Show 6/15/2010
June Deals 6/1/2010 PDF Icon
Mining Show Highlights 5/15/2010 PDF Icon
Muddy Boots Research 5/1/2010PDF Icon
Location Location Location 4/15/2010 PDF Icon

Good To Be Home 3/15/2010 Glenn
Simon Inc
What Do You Meme? 3/1/2010Glenn
Simon Inc
Pulling Gold 2/15/2010Glenn
Simon Inc
Are You Missing The Point? 2/1/2010 Glenn
Simon Inc
A Running Start! 1/15/2010Glenn
Simon Inc
Happy Holidays and Cheer for a New Year 12/15/2009 Glenn
Simon Inc
Does Snow Make Everything OK?Glenn
Simon Inc
From Backburner to Stovefront 11/15/2009 PDF Icon
Easter in December 11/1/2009 PDF Icon
Thanks, Pilgrim. 10/15/2009 PDF Icon
Spending now to save later 9/15/2009 PDF Icon

Follow this rule 9/1/2009 PDF Icon
Get Over It! 7/15/2008 PDF Icon
Halfway And Halfhearted? 6/30/2008 PDF Icon
Province To Top $100 Billion 6/16/2008PDF Icon
Sign Of The Times 5/16/2008 PDF Icon
Insider Audio Report 6/1/2008 PDF Icon
Alberta Closed For Renovations 4/2008 PDF Icon
Greener Grasses, Warmer Sands 3/2008 PDF Icon
Hidden Gold In My Boot 2/2008 PDF Icon
Just One More Day 1/2008 PDF Icon

Don't Get Lost In History 12/2007PDF Icon
Rabid Royalties - More Bark Than Bite? 11/2007PDF Icon
Gloom And Bloom 10/2007
PDF Icon
Avoid The Rough Seas Of Mass Hysteria 9/2007
PDF Icon
Financial Athlete vs. Big Bottom Bench Warmer 8/2007
PDF Icon
140 Years: Beer, Bacon and The Beaver 7/07 PDF Icon
Stop Pushing My Tushy 6/2007 PDF Icon
Reaping The Ripple Effect 5/2007 PDF Icon
Shuck Alberta 4/2007
PDF Icon
If You Need A Kick In The...3/2007 PDF Icon
How To Survive In The Jungle! 2/2007
PDF Icon
Dream Stealers Beware! 1/2007 PDF Icon
Attitude of Gratitude 12/2006
PDF Icon
Run-The Sky is Falling 11/06PDF Icon
Pinch Me - I Just Got a Free House! 10/2006PDF Icon
Seduction In The City 9/2006
PDF Icon
Can't Find Firewood in the Forest 8/2006PDF Icon
Do You Walk Your Talk 7/2006PDF Icon
Skeletons In My Closet 6/2006 PDF Icon
Are You Blind? 5/2006 PDF Icon
Analysis Paralysis 4/2006 PDF Icon
Mixing Oil and Water 3/2006PDF Icon
What Is Risk? 2/2006 PDF Icon
Hindsight Is 20/20 1/2006PDF Icon
Four Places That Love Expensive Oil 12/2005 PDF Icon
Do You Have A Pet Alligator? 11/2005 PDF Icon
New Website 10/2005 PDF Icon