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FAQs - Glenn Simon Inc

We receive many questions about investing in Edmonton, Alberta and what we do. Please read further to see if we've answered your question below. If your question is not answered here please contact us for more information.

How Safe Is My Investment?
What Does Glenn Simon Inc. Do?
How Does The Investment Work?
How Do I Start?
Do I Have My Name On Title?
Why are the profits split 50/50?
What happens when there's positive cash flow?
How Do I Know You Are Buying Good Properties?
Will You Maintain The Property For Me?
How do I need to invest for?
How Can I Get A Loan On The Property?
What Is The Capital Gains Tax For Real Estate Investments?
If I want to invest my RRSPs are there any charges?
Is the Alberta Real Estate boom over?
Do You Do Mortgage Syndications?
How Can I Invest With A Self Directed RRSP Or Second Mortgage?

  1. How Safe Is My Investment?

    Real Estate is very safe as it is a real asset- tangible and concrete so you will always have the value of the property, land and additional insurance placed on it. We use an incredibly rigorous system of due diligence to safeguard your investment. That being said all investments carry risk.

  2. What Does Glenn Simon Inc. Do?

    As your partner we work with you to invest in revenue producing real estate in Edmonton, Alberta. We take care of the following:

    - Evaluate potential properties using A.C.R.E. system
    - Inspect, negotiate and conduct exemplary due diligence on property
    - Finance, insure and hold mortgage on investment property
    - Cost effectively renovate property up to a top standard of rent readiness
    - Choose quality, equity building tenants that improve the property's value
    - Impeccably manage and maintain the property
    - Appropriately market time and sell to maximize profits
  3. How Does The Investment Work?

    1. Review our site to better understand the economic situation in Alberta and why we have chosen this dynamic area to invest in. Look over our Past Investments and our Track Record or read some incredible facts about Edmonton, Alberta's future.
    2. To ensure that we can give you a property best suited to your needs, we ask that you fill out and submit a questionnaire. This will give us a clear idea of which quality investments will best match you individually. We partner directly with you and work one on one to maximize your portfolio.
    The Joint Venture Agreement clearly lays out the legal workings of your contract protecting you and your investment. We recommend that you seek independent legal advice.
    4. Your investment funds are safely held In Trust with Gaffney and McGreer LLP.
    5. Once your ownership is registered with the Land Titles Office Of The Government Of Alberta, Canada, you will receive a copy of title in six to eight weeks.
  4. How Do I Start?

    Once you have familiarized yourself with our site and why we invest in Alberta, fill out our easy online questionnaire . The next step is to sign a Letter of Intent we will then match your investment criteria to a profitable Alberta Real Estate Investment.
  5. Do I Have My Name On Title?

    You can have your name on title if you arrange to hold the mortgage. If we hold the mortgage then your name is on title in the form of a caveat . A caveat is a document any person with a legal interest in a property can lodge with the Land Titles Office to ensure the property is not sold without their knowledge. This protects your legal rights and interests.
  6. Why are the profits split 50/50?

    To put it simply your role is as a 'money partner' and our role is active as the 'finder' where we do all the work. For example on a $1million property you, the Joint Venture partner, have contributed $250K to get started and Glenn Simon Inc. has, in addition to the work of finding and negotiating the deal, tenanting the property with excellent value building tenants, insuring, maintaining the property and keeping it in good repair, filing taxes - including doing the bookkeeping, preparing biannual updates, market timing to determine the best time to sell to maximize profits and hold the mortgage in our name. Therefore earning our 50% share. Losses over your initial investment are split 50/50. We are your equal partner in every deal.

    Positive cash flow is split 50/50 and dispersed at regular intervals throughout the year.
  8. How Do I Know You Are Buying Good Properties?

    Frankly put we are your partners. It is in our best interest to find a profitable property. We personally are responsible for mortgage payments. We make our profit only when the property is successful. Here are some of the GREAT properties 1 we have found for our partners.
  9. Will You Maintain The Property For Me?

    Yes, we do everything from start to finish.

    Short-term investments are available from a 2-year minimum. (These are second mortgage investments) For direct property investments terms are from 3-5 years, commercial properties can extend longer. Real estate investing is most successful as a long-term strategy.
  11. How Can I Get A Loan On The Property?

    There are three possible answers to this question:
    A) Mortgages are arranged through our company as part of our service to you.

    We can arrange financing where you can qualify to hold the mortgage through a major Canadian bank.

    C) Refinancing can be done depending on the property's equity. You can refinance after 1 to 2 years, pulling out a portion of the profits and reinvesting into another outstanding Alberta property or profit taking.
  12. What Is The Capital Gains Tax For Real Estate Investments?

    A capital gains tax is the tax levied on the profit released upon the sale of a capital asset. In many cases, the amount of a capital gain is treated as income and subject to the marginal rate of income tax. Alberta has the lowest Capital Gains Tax in Canada. Capital Gains Taxes are charged on 50% of profit at 19%

    ex. Profit $100,000 Capital Gains are paid on $50,000

    So $50,000 x 19.5% = $9,750 Capital Gains Tax

    There are further ways to reduce taxes so we advise you to consult your own independent legal and tax advisor.

    Yes. Most banks charge a small set up fee of between $150 and $300. In some cases we will pay this fee.

    No! A healthy market has plateaus that create buying opportunities. We study the economic fundamentals of Alberta so that our investors remain informed and able to act to maximize their profits.

    In 2005 and 2006 Alberta saw a dramatic increase in Real Estate prices. In mid 2007 we entered into our second plateau period, which will last until about mid 2010. Subsequent leveling off of prices and an increase of properties for sale has caused people to think the "boom" is over. However, when you look at the economic fundamentals that drive Alberta you can clearly understand that the market is very strong and will continue for years to come based on supply and demand as well as the availability of many jobs with above average wages, low taxes, a large amount of in-migration from across Canada, employment demand in a variety of sectors, and Alberta's diverse economy (some projects are continuing to be developed in 2020 and 2025- supporting a long-term growth environment) will maintain a healthy real estate market.
  15. Do You Do Mortgage Syndications?

    No, we do not. However, we set up direct second mortgages - that offer safe competitive returns.
  16. How Can I Invest With A Self Directed RRSP Or Second Mortgage?

    You can get guaranteed returns of 10% or more per year with Self Directed RRSP or Second Mortgage Investing. Read How You Can Get A Fixed Rate Of Return