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Danielle Simone Millar - Property Management

Glenn Simon Inc"Our concept of making "hands free" investments started from the challenges we experienced as expatriate real estate investors. Once we built a solid on the ground team and got our proven system working our investment returns were excellent.

I thought imagine if we could reduce the risk and time involvement for all the other dissatisfied investors out there..."

Danielle manages 60+ units with a near 0% vacancy rate. She also specializes in market research, liaising with clients and the administrative side of the investments. Her skill set includes reducing expenses, keeping projects on target while looking for ways to increase profitability.

Danielle has been interviewed by Live Canada UK Magazine, Being A Broad in Tokyo. and Canadian Real Estate Magazine She contributes her strategies for building successful joint venture partnerships in REIN materials, is featured in best selling author Don Campbell’s ‘51 Success Stories from Canadian Real Estate Investors’ book and has many client success stories to her credit.

She is an avid blogger and her  blog Edmonton Real Estate Investor  offers insights on investing, strategies and tips for keeping revenue properties productive and her experiences living abroad.

Danielle is happily married and a mother of two boys. In their free time the Millars enjoy cuisine, fitness and traveling. They have spent time in North and Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, the UK, Iceland, South Pacific and extensively throughout Asia.

They actively give back by donating to Canadian Feed the Children and plan to go to Africa again, this time as volunteers.

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