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Business in Edmonton October 2016

"A buyers market is generally defined as a period that favors buyers by offering an ample selection of property at relatively low prices and taking 3-6 months to sell" informs Todd Millar of Glenn Simon Inc., an Alberta investment firm

read Here pages 64-68

Investing in a buyer's market

"Todd Millar, investor relations, Glenn Simon Inc., provides an example of a property stress test that anyone can perform to ensure they remain objective when purchasing an investment property." Business in Edmonton April 2016 read page 20 here


What area in your city gives you the biggest bang for your dollar? Todd Millar, Real Estate expert, gives  Moneysense his inside knowledge of the Edmonton market. Read PDF here

2013 Provincial Forecast - Alberta

Todd Millar, veteran Edmonton real estate investor and co-founder of Glenn Simon Inc - "Remember you can make money in an up or down cycle..." Get PDF HERE PART 1 and Part 2 and Part 3

NuWire Contributor

Todd and I regularly write for NuWire Magazine. We do a monthly article and sometimes post our opportunities on the site. Take a look at our articles and browse around for really interesting tips from investors all over North America and the world.  JUMP!

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