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Live Canada UK Magazine

Living the Canadian Dream; Investing in the Alberta Advantage - "A high quality of life, economic stability and diversification mean Alberta is a perfect destination." Todd Millar Read PDF Here

Real Estate Joint Ventures

"The Canadian investors guide to raising money and getting deals done"

Another of Don Campbell and Russell Westcott's highly informative and bestselling books for investing in Canadian real estate. We are featured as Veteran Investors giving our take on making JV partnerships work. Read it HERE

Live Canada UK Magazine

Creating wealth in Canada with property - Property investing can help grow your asssets say Todd and Danielle Millar.

"The benefits of choosing a stable country and a stable asset class to invest in are all there in Canada. Following proper diligence, building a team of professionals and making sound investments - will build a financial fortress for you and your family. Read here

Canadian Real Estate Magazine

It's Millar Time! - Canadian Real Estate Magazine features Todd and Danielle Millar

Canadian Real Estate Magazine

Avoiding JV problems
- Todd Millar helps you steer clear of JV obstacles

"Even experienced investors can find themselves in rough waters in JV partnerships. If you feel like bailing out of a seemingly sinking boat, here's your life preserver."

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