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How To Keep Investment Real Estate Profitable In Any Economy - NuWire Investor

Wherever your real estate investment is located—provided you bought it at the right price and terms—there are many ways to keep your property profitable. If you analyze your real estate, update and improve your investment team, review your long- and short-term investment plans and stay focused on the end result; your real estate portfolio will be a rock solid fortress that can weather any storm. Read Article

Being A Broad Tokyo Magazine - Danielle Millar Interview

Try to get mentor who can help you through the morass. I suggest this for anyone in any country and any field. There is somebody out there who has done what you want to do in one form or another and can give you really good advice.  Read Article

How To Avoid Buying A Drug House - NuWire Investor

Sadly, we live in dangerous times. We not only have to be careful of shoddy plumbing jobs, leaky roofs and shifting foundations, but we must also check for dangerous and illegal uses of our potential homes. Don't be fooled into thinking that only houses in rougher, low-income areas harbour drug operations: Many marijuana Grow ops are located in middle to upper class suburbs. Read Article

NuWire Investor Magazine Interview -Other People's Money

Five steps to raising capital for first-timers. Read Article

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