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How To Invest Anywhere In The World As An Expatriate - NuWire Investor

The DO's and DON'Ts of investing in real estate for expatriates.

The expat lifestyle has many benefits, such as traveling, living and working in exotic locations and often better compensation and benefits than that of domestic jobs. The expatriate life may be full of adventure, but one place that investors definitely don't want thrills is in large investments. High earnings allows expat investors more disposable income for investments, but whether saving for a home, planning for retirement or seeking cash-flow from current investments, expat investors face obstacles and needs quite different from those of average investors. Read Article

How To Invest And Profit In A Falling Real Estate Market - NuWire Investor

There is no doubt that it is more difficult to profit from a falling real estate market in the short term. However, some of the most successful real estate investors in the world made their money by buying when everyone else said to sell. While the overall market is declining, there are still countless opportunities for great returns if you look in the right places and time your purchase well. This article will give you enough simple tips to determine whether it's time to start buying or keep looking. Regardless of market or region, you'll learn how to love the opportunity that a slow market creates. Read Article

How To Set Investment Goals And Reward Yourself - NuWire Investor

3 simple keys to staying on track - As an investor, it is important to set goals. But when using credit to reward yourself, how do you know when you really do deserve a reward, versus when you’re tricking yourself into deeper debt and further away from your goals? By avoiding extremes in rewards and by making a reward guide of what you can have and when, you’re on the way to living your goals without feeling deprived. Read Article


NuWire Investor Magazine

Alberta's reliance on the energy sector may seem risky to outsiders, but the money invested into Alberta is "smart money," Todd Milar, owner of local real estate investment company Glenn Simon Inc.  Download PDF

NuWire Investor Magazine Interviews - Todd Millar: Edmonton, Canada

Millar shares his strategies for success in the Edmonton real estate market. Read Article

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