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NuWire Investor Contributing Writer -Edmonton, Alberta: How Do You Heat Your Igloo?

Don't get caught up in a good story. Find the facts about what makes your potential investment and its area and economy perform. Look for a long term trend that allows you to hold if you need to, and calculate just how long you could afford to hold.  Read Article

NuWire Investor Contributing Writer -Real Estate Investing: Focus on the Fundamentals

There are three main criteria that must be addressed before moving ahead with any real estate investment. The key to a successful property purchase comes first from an evaluation and understanding of the area in which you'll potentially be pouring your capital. Today we'll focus on the fundamentals. Read Article

NuWire Investor Contributing Writer -Real Estate Fundamentals in Action: Alberta

Real estate investors need to be aware of five fundamental factors about an individual market before making an investment there. These five factors are an area's economy, population, real estate cycle, political leadership and transportation improvements.  Read Article

NuWire Investor Magazine Interview - Front of the Curve

What investors need to know to be in the know: Know people, know your market and know yourself.  Read Article

NuWire Investor Contributor - How To Make Your Offer To Purchase Real Estate Stand Out

Whether you're in a buyer's market or a seller's market, attaching a well-written cover letter to your offer to purchase real estate will ensure that your offer gets read—and remembered. Cover letters are important because they help you stand out from the crowd. Using one allows you to open a dialogue with the seller and encourages one-on-one communication, which can often lead to you getting your deal done.  Read Article

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