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K. Johnson (Alberta, Canada)

K. Johnson

I found the services Glenn Simon Inc. when i was looking at ways to invest in real estate. As a student and online poker player i did not have the time or the skills necessary to do it myself. I found Todd very professional and knowledgeable so i decided to partner with him. He has always been very accommodating and easy to work with.

 Furthermore, i learned a lot through talking to him about what to do in investing in real estate. Even if i had questions that were unrelated to our projects he always took the time to answer them in great detail. So far our projects have been working out very well and I'm sure their will be continued success in the future!

Barry McGuire Lawyer - Author - Teacher (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

Barry McGuire  Lawyer - Author - Teacher

"I'm a real estate lawyer with 37 years experience and I like working with Todd Millar. Before I tell you why, be a careful investor. Check Todd out, do your own diligence.

Now, why do I like Todd? In the 7 years that we've worked together, here's what I've discovered.

Todd is smart, careful, conservative in his real estate investment choices, and extremely diligent with all aspects of any transaction. His philosophy is that every relationship and real estate situation must be a win-win or it's not worth doing.

If you are considering an investment in real estate, I suggest you consider Todd."  Go to Barry's info packed website

S.O (B.C, Canada)


I've known for a while that I wanted to invest in real estate and I knew that I wanted to invest in Edmonton but I have a husband who is skeptical about relying on someone else's expertise.  Approaching a landmark birthday I decided it was now or never.  I've known about Todd as a REIN member since he first joined the network and I have seen how his portfolio has grown over the years, even while living in Japan.  When he moved to Edmonton I started checking out his website and just had a feeling that his ethics were a match with mine.  I initiated the conversation in February of 2012 and we went from there.  By June of 2012 we had purchased a suited house in Millwoods and after renovations it was rented out by mid July. 

The first JV is bound to be a learning experience but it was a good experience for the most part, thanks to Todd and his team.  He has built a professional team around him, including a mortgage broker, lawyer(s), renovation team and does his own property management so it's really a one stop shop when it comes to investing with him.  I believe he has a carefully  selected team that matches his integrity and doesn't stray into any investing gray areas, something that is very important to me.

Whenever a glitch occurred I would just pass it on to Todd and it would be taken care of.  Questions were always answered in a timely fashion, both through email and phone calls.  It was a struggle sometimes to be totally hands-off, but it always comes back to the realization that, as a money partner, I am paying my JV partner to be the expert and he is only going to do what's in the best interest of the deal because he's getting 50% of the profits.

I would definitely do another JV with Glenn Simon Inc.  (Convincing my husband is another story, but I'm working on it!)

Abbotsford, BC

Catherine Brooker (Canada)

Catherine Brooker

As a realtor working mostly with investors, I have sold Glenn Simon Inc. several revenue properties over the years. I am impressed with how thoroughly Todd and Danielle Millar take care of their joint venture partners. They are extra-cautious when selecting properties where other people's money is invested, carefully choosing solid properties with good cash flow. Thay are also meticulous in their property management and reporting to investors. I highly recommend Glenn Simon Inc. as an A-rated company where a person's investment can grow in real estate.

Catherine Brooker, Realtor

RE/MAX Elite (Edmonton, Alberta)


Trish and Stephen Stewart (Singapore)

Trish and Stephen Stewart

"We have been wanting to invest in real estate for several years but we did not have the time, patience, or know-how to do it ourselves. GSI offered the ideal solution for us. We were able to buy our first investment home using GSI\'s extensive knowledge, expertise and integrity. Thanks GSI!"

"Hi Guys!! The site and the newsletter are awesome!! One thing though, it looks like you are going to have to update our testimonial to add at the bottom and have already gone on to purchase our 2nd and 3rd properties with GSI!!!! You guys rock!! See you soon!!!"


Trish & Stephan Stewart
Business Consultants
Nexagen USA

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